high-end in harmony with high-tech

The two-channel utility player in the Acurus A2000 series is the A2002. This amplifier provides the basis for a value-priced high-end stereo setup or a 2-channel zone amplifier for a multi-room system rack.

An innovative ethernet control and status port is now standard on all Acurus products. This feature enhances performance and ease of use well beyond the traditional one-way 12V trigger.


  • high-quality, high-value stereo amplification
  • fully-discrete analog amplifier design
  • ideal companion for a high-performance 2-channel preamp or DAC
  • great add-on for enhancing the stereo experience from a multichannel-AVR
  • stand-alone or rack-mount capable with optional rack mount kit
  • intelligent, flexible, 2-way ethernet-based control and status monitoring
  • readily interfaces with popular home control solutions
  • solid American engineering and construction
  • THX Ultra2-certified
Specification Rating
Power output 200W into 8Ω, multiple channels driven
300W into 4Ω, multiple channels driven
Number of channels driven for rated power 2 channels, continuous sine wave
THD < 0.03%, multiple channels driven, full power, 8 ohms
< 0.05%, multiple channels driven, full power, 4 ohms
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz ± 0.1dB
10Hz to 70kHz +0,-3dB
Tim/dim distortion < 0.003%
S/N >106 dB, A-weighted
Damping factor 500, 8Ω @50Hz
Input sensitivity 1W: 100mV
200W: 1.42V
Input impedance 20kΩ
Recommended loudspeaker impedance range 4-8 ohms nominal
DC offset (output) <3mV
Rail voltage +/-80Vdc
THX Certified Ultra2
Power consumption Standby: 1W
Idle: 23W
Max: 1200W
Unit dimensions (LxWxH) 13.5x17x5 inches, 34x43x13 cm
Rack height 3 RU
Rack mount kit Optional
Unit weight 29lbs (13kg)
Finish Black anodized aluminum with laser-etched markings
Shipping carton (LxWxH) 22x18x10 inches, 56x46x25 cm
Carton weight 35lbs (16kg)