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A & L Audio Station is now proud to introduce you Dali MENTOR MENUET – the smallest loudspeaker available in MENTOR series. Despite its small dimension, it is one of the most powerful speakers out there that expose you to great musicality with plenty of clean, undistorted bass, open and dynamic midrange.



Being simple and stylish, A & L Audio Station presents you with FAZON SAT, a flexible innovative speakers with Twist n Tilt function that offers adjustment freedom either horizontally or vertically; whether you want it to be tilted up or down or swivel it to any sides – that is not a problem anymore with FAZON SAT!

DALI IKON 6 MK2 wins the prestigious EISA-award

dali ikon mk2 award

The EISA jury states the following:

Thanks to a comprehensive list of improvements, the second edition of DALI’s well-reviewed IKON-series of speakers represents much more than a subtle update. Valorized drivers, an enhanced finish, stronger enclosure construction and a completely new crossover network ensure a sound that towers over similarly priced rivals.

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Featuring Helicon 400 MK2 in The Absolute Sound

helicon 400 mk2 the absolute sound

According to the reviewer, Dick Olsher, Goldilocks would be pleased, because “The HELICON’s presentation consistently felt just right. It is the only speaker I’ve auditioned to date at this price point that I find suitable for realistic reproduction of orchestral music”. He further describes the speakers as a fine wine that continues to improve over the first couple of weeks of break-in and reaching the right level of textual silkiness.

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Brilliant New Budget Dalis Demand a Listen


These speakers represent a new entry-level for the Dali. While you never expect really affordable speakers to have the sort of styling that really gets the juices flowing, the Zensor 1’s compact dimensions, unfussy styling and quality fit and finish make for a very positive first impression.

Significantly more positive than that, though, is how they sound. Play Eric Bibb’s Saucer ‘n’ Cup – an old test favorite – and what immediately strikes you is how crisp and precise these Zensors are, and how assuredly they deal with the complex, organic dynamics of Bibb’s playing. You feel every strum, and the harder plucks on his acoustic guitar really stand out. Bibb’s playing and singing is all about soul – and that’s what the Zensors give you.

An airy, spacious presentation

They provide a wide, open soundstage, and it’s worth toeing them in a little more than usual in order to focus vocals. Even then, the presentation is airy and spacious, with nice separation to instruments. Putting them against a wall increases the bass, and while that slightly diminishes the spot-on tonal balance of the presentation, the bass remains tight and punchy, so if you prefer a weightier flavor you may actually prefer them positioned in such a way, and they can in fact be wall-mounted if you so wish.

What’s also impressive is that, while the dalis are detailed and precise, they’re not so clinical and analytical that they make poor recordings sound horrible. The Strokes’ Angles, for instance, is kept well under control and remains eminently listenable at high volumes, yet the Zensors leave the essential lo-fi charm intact.

Perhaps the biggest compliment we can pay them is that they don’t sound like a pair of budget speakers- they’re more detailed and precise than that, more grown up and more downright musical – and that makes them a serious bargain.

Ratings 5 Stars

Brilliant detail, punch and dynamics; excellent tonal balance; the compact and flexible design
At this price? Nothing
Do not buy another pair of sub speakers until you’ve heard these Zensors

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz]
53 – 26.500

Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]

Nominal Impedance [ohms]

Maximum SPL [dB]

Recommended Amp. Power [Watts]
25 – 100

Crossover Frequencies [Hz]

Crossover Principle

High Frequency Driver
25 mm soft dome

Low Frequency/Midrange Driver(s)
1 x 5¼”

Enclosure Type
Bass reflex

Bass Re?ex Tuning Frequency [Hz]

Connection Input(s)
Single wire

Recommended Placement

Magnetic Shielding
Semi shielding

Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]
274 x 162 x 228

Weight [kg/lb]

DALI FAZON F5 wins EISA Award!

Fazon F5 Eisa award-01

The FAZON F5 is now officially winner of the international EISA Award, “European Audio Design 2011-2012”.

Last year, the DALI IKON 6 MK2 won the EISA, and DALI is now very proud to hear that the new FAZON F5 has won this acclaimed award for 2011-2012. The DALI FAZON F5 is a unique product that has already attracted a lot of attention due to its brilliant sound capabilities and sculptural design unified in one product. The international committee behind EISA states the following about the FAZON F5 on their website:

“If you think all hi-fi loudspeakers are built into rectangular wooden boxes, then DALI makes us all think again with its stylish FAZON F5. Rather than use orthodox materials, DALI, the Danish speaker specialist, has worked with die-cast aluminium to achieve a highly novel and elegant loudspeaker shape.

Not only conceived to be pleasing to the eye, its curved cabinet is also ideal for minimizing internal reflections while offering great rigidity. Not just a pretty face, the FAZON F5 also benefits from DALI’s tried-and-tested wood-fibre cones and light silk dome tweeter. Available in high gloss red, black and white, this 86cm-tall sculpture comes with a purpose-built stand that allows your cables to be hidden from sight.”

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DALI ZENSOR 7-DALI ZENSOR 1 review, STEREO Magazine, Germany


The new ZENSOR series is very well-received. ZENSOR 7 & ZENSOR 1 now gets 2×5 stars in STEREO.

Solid technique and great sound are some of the words for ZENSOR 7 and ZENSOR 1 in German STEREO magazine.

Here’s a couple of quotes from the review: “The strong drivers and four-layer voice coil of copper-aluminum are above class standard.”

“And how do the Danes do sonically? Nothing to complain about!…even the small [ZENSOR, ed.] 1 trumped at Cambridge electronics with a balanced, crisp, and open sound, that is instantly fun to listen to.”

“Even the most discerning customer should have a closer look at the favourable siblings…A damn good investment.”

2×5 stars for DALI ZENSOR 7 and DALI ZENSOR 1. Read the full review HERE