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Executive Overview

Velodyne has got to be one of the most recognizable names in subwoofers, and for a long time they priced themselves for discerning consumers who took their bass seriously. Well apparently anyone can now bring low frequency slam into their living room because Velodyne has dropped the cost of entry once more with the new Impact-10 subwoofer. The Impact-10 has a front-firing 10-inch long throw woofer powered by a 150-watt Class-D amplifier. It is priced at just $299 and has a frequency response that goes all the way down to around 32Hz. That’s pretty low, and very respectable for a subwoofer that costs about the same as an iPod.

Velodyne Impact-10 Subwoofer Video Review fromAudioholics

All of this is housed in a stylish, CAD-designed cabinet with rounded corners and a beveled, removable front grill. The 10″ woofer’s output is enhanced by a precisely engineered down-firing port that yields additional bass extension, output and impact. The cabinet is also built like a brick, and our knock test (knock) tells us that its not going to flex and negatively affect the sound. You can connect the subwoofer to your A/V receiver in two different ways. First, if you have a dedicated RCA subwoofer output, you can plug this directly into the sub and use the crossover on your receiver to determine the amount of low frequency it should get. Or, if you are using an older amp you can connect the stereo left and right speaker outputs to the Impact-10 and then use the sub’s speaker level outputs to feed your satellite or bookshelf speakers. Normally this allows the subwoofer to also strip off the lower frequencies before sending the signal onward to your speakers, but in the case of the Velodyne Impact-10 these outputs are full-range. The Impact-10 does, however, include a variable low-pass crossover that goes from 50-200Hz and which allows you to tweak it to provide just the right amount of bass for your speakers. In terms of build quality, the Impact-10 benefits from the same proven design and manufacturing philosophy Velodyne uses in the engineering and manufacturing of their higher-end “High Gain Servo” subwoofers. That is to say, they engineer a complete product, matching the driver to the cabinet and even going so far as to include the amplifier in the design stages. The Impact-10 comes housed in a high-tech black ash wood finish with gloss black trim. If you can only spend MSRP RM 1655.00 on a subwoofer – we highly recommend this one!


  • Product Name: Impact-10 Subwoofer
  • Manufacturer: Velodyne
  • Review Date: December 02, 2010 04:40
  • MSRP: RM 1655.00
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!


  • Compact, stylish cabinets; high-value subwoofers
  • Impact-Mini measures just 10″x10″x12″
  • 10″, 12″, and 6 ½” models
  • Down-firing port or bass radiator minimizes distortion
  • 2″ copper-wound voice coils for exceptional reliability
  • “Green” MDP amps from 250 – 300 watts Dynamic power

Best Product Awards for 2010 | Compact Subwoofer

When you think of subwoofer manufacturers—and we’re talking about companies that pay the bills making and selling subwoofers—Velodyne is one of the first names that comes to mind. Since 1983, Velodyne has produced an extensive range of highly regarded subs, including its Digital Drive series and “1812” subwoofers. However, a significant part of the market is now geared towards smaller, compact subs. Perhaps as video displays have moved off of the floor and onto the wall, the aesthetic demands of keeping a visually clean space demand smaller, less obtrusive subwoofers. The challenge for a company like Velodyne is to produce subs that appeals to the new demographic, while maintaining the quality and reputation its products have earned over the last 27 years. Velodyne’s MiniVee subwoofer, barely ten inches high, certainly fits the bill. But does it sound like a Velodyne?

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Velodyne vPulse is Officially Available in Malaysia

vpulse blue-01 700px

To those who are waiting with anticipation for Velodyne’s vPulse, now here is a good news for everyone. A&L Audio Station would like to announce that vPulse (blue) has officially landed in Malaysia.

We currently have a very limited stock so grab one for yourself fast while stocks last. You may get it at the nearest A&L Audio Station’s showrooms around Klang Valley.


  • Precise, low-distortion audio quality
  • Massive, tight bass due to 10 mm drivers & quality materials
  • Noise reducing in-ear design for a more enjoyable experience
  • Intuitive in-line controls (phone, playback, volume)*
  • High-quality microphone
  • Flat cable minimizes messy, annoying tangles
  • Multiple sized ear tips for a perfect fit
  • Available: Velodyne Electric Blue


  • Multiple sized ear tips (black & gray sets)
  • Cable clip
  • Zip-up protective carrying case


Driver size: 10 mm
Frequency response: 20 Hz -20 kHz
Sensitivity: 92 dB/1 kHz/1 mW
Impedance: 16 Ohms