The Supra Classic is a tried and tested performance speaker cable which has been the staple of Supra Cable’s success almost since they were started in 1976. This excellent cable features slightly larger tin-plated OFC conductors than the miniature 1.6 cable making it better for larger speakers and long runs. The flame-resistant PVC outer jacket adheres to all UK building regs too.This multi-stranded cable meets all the UK’s stringent building regulations with a flame-proof PVC jacket and Halogen-free insulation. Whether you’re using it to fit out your new home cinema room or connect several sets of flush-mounted ceiling speakers around your house, the Supra Classic 2.5HT fits nicely into most budgets, will serve you faithfully and won’t let you down. Finished in a subtle pale blue outer jacket good for colour coding.

– Supra’s famous Tin-Plated OFC conductors at the heart of the cable
– Soft-coated flexible PVC outer jacket
– Halogen-free insulation
– Fireproof and great for building and contracting use
– Unterminated cable. Just choose your length with optional banana plugs/spades
– Made in Sweden with modern research, production and quality