DCF 1.0
Mini 1.6
2×1.6 mm²
An economy version of Classic 1.6 comprising fewer strands. Typical applications: low powered, short length mid-powered or treble wiring in a bi-wired or bi-amplified Hi-Fi system.

Classic Series
The Classic series comprises flexible tin plated multi strand Oxygen-Free copper with 5N purity! This means that the copper purity must better than 99.999%. In addition to the corrosion resistant tin plating, the insulation of a select grade chemically stable PVC further enhance the sonically benign tin surface over time. The tin plating contributes also to a much wanted skin-effect reduction and forces the electrons from disruptive “jumps” between the strand surfaces.
The Classic series is suitable for small/low power to high power systems or for long cable runs.