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One thought on “Customer Feedback

  1. Arjhen

    I was pulled over in September for paissng a school bus on Mamaroneck Ave in Mamaroneck. I didnt see the school bus’s stop sign. I was at a red light behind other cars and when the light turned green all of the cars passed the school bus on the other side which had 3 lanes , a concrete divider , and then another 3 lanes. My car along with 2 others were pulled over and got tickets for paissng a school bus. The officer told me I should plead not guilty so I did but then recieved a letter of affidavit saying I had commited the crime. Will this hurt me when I go to court ? I have points on my license already from having 2 speeding tickets in a 18 month period but I am taking a defensive driving class this weekend so hopefully the judge will take that into consideration when I do go to court. What can I do to fight this so I dont get my license suspended?


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