DAC – A ‘Fast’ InterconnectA fast interconnect of extremely low capacitance. In accordance with our design concepts, the inductance is to be low for a loudspeaker cable whereas for an interconnect the capacitance is to be low. SUPRA DAC is insulated with a special PE which exhibits only 45 pF/m capacitance. It is screened with our very efficient and strong semi-conductive nylon ribbon.
The velocity factor of SUPRA DAC is as high as 78% of the speed of light, owing to the low dielectricity of the insulation. With PTFE/Teflon it would have been only 71%. More clean transients and thus improved space dimension comes with the high velocity.DAC-X
Analogue Interconnect.
A ’fast’ interconnect of neutral character. Low capacitance. Best applied between CD/pre-amp and power amp. The ’fast’ cable keeps transients pure and thus helps 3-D definition in the music. Provided with SUPRA PPX RCA connectors..