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  1. By clicking the “Accept” button, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions for your purchase from A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd.
  2. All prices do not include charges for shipping, handling, and installation fee.
  3. We provide free local delivery and installation at Klang Valley area, if out of Klang Valley area, kindly contact our customer service (+6 03-9283 6884) to request installation service quotation.
  4. Please note that our free installation services are only restricted to the Klang Valley area, and while it includes basic HiFi installation, which also entails positioning, tuning and testing, please note it does not include heavier duties like for example drilling and in wall cabling services. Should those be required, an extra charge will be added, depending on how much work is needed to be done.
  5. All prices in this website is only for e-commerce transaction, and not considering with trade in product business deal.
  6. It is highly recommended to check your parcel immediately after receive. Any damage/dirty/wet incur to the containing product should report to us soonest possible before end of the day(no include Saturday and Sunday, public holiday). This will help us to claim service warranty from the transportation provider, in return, protecting the right & benefit of both seller & buyer. Replacement item will only be shipped once we have received the return-item. All Replacement item of online-purchased is process only by head-office, not at our outlets.
  7. All products are quality-checked (Q.C) before dispatch, quality goods are ensured.
  8. Goods sold are not returnable and exchangeable, this is include wrong information provided by customer/change-mind and/damage due to improper handling/usage (applies starting from the next calendar-day after goods receive). We do not guaranty the quality & condition of shipment, as it is beyond our control.
  9. If Replacement item is out-of-stock, we will refund the value of item in 14-days. Refund is can only be done with direct bank-in mode.
  10. You may follow bellow steps to request item exchange: Step 1: Call us at +6 03-9283 6884, look for our customer service. Step 2: Fax us at +6 03-9283 5884, or email to include the  following detail below:
    • Full name :
    • Contact no.:
    • Address:
    • Problem: damaged / incorrect item
    • Delivery Order no.: or Consignment Number (by courier service)
    • Goods-receive date:
    • List of defective item: item code / color / size
    • Remark/comment:
  11. Upon we receive your order, we will going through verification process then follow with an order confirmation to be send to your mailbox. If you do not receive an email, please contact us(T: +6 03-9283 6884  E: before you try to place the same order again.
  12. We will send you an email before we dispatch item, this mail will make sure the product covered by your order has been accepted and processed by us.
  13. No cancellation upon order in processed.
  14. A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd have the right, at any time, to make changes to the product contents, prices, availability and terms & conditions without period notice.
  15. A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd is only obligated to honor warranties express or implied following receipt of your payment in full for your product.
  16. A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd will not disclose information regarding your personal details, account or transactions to any third party.
  17. A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd is not responsible for the content of any third-party websites or services, any links contained in third-party websites or services, or any changes or updates to third-party websites or services. Where A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd provides links and/or access to third-party websites and/or services it is only as a convenience for you to understand the product, and the inclusion of any link or access does not imply an endorsement by A & L Audio Station Sdn Bhd of the third-party site or service.
  18. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our order acceptance policy, please contact us. T: +6 03-9283 6884 (Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm)    E: 


  1. 点击“接受”按钮,即表示您同意以下所有本公司的购买条款与条件的约束。
  2. 所有价格不包括运输费,手续费。
  3. 我们提供免费送货与安装服务只限于巴生谷地区, 如果在巴生谷以外地区,请联系我们的顾客服务(+6 03-9283 6884)要求安装服务报价。
  4. 本公司所提供的巴生谷免费安装服务只限于基本音响安装,位置安排,调音。不包括繁重的工程,如拉电线与钻墙洞服务等, 此类服务将根据工程的难度另外计算费用。
  5. 本网站所有价钱只限与网上交易,不能以此价钱交易二手产品。
  6. 强烈建议您收到包裹后立即检查。任何损坏/弄脏/产品遭湿应该在一天内(不包括周六,周日, 公共假期)向我们报告。这将帮助我们在限时内向运输供应商要求保修服务,同时保护卖家与买家的权利和好处。我们只有在收到回退商品后才开始寄出更换商品给您。所有更换网上购买产品的过程只有总部办公室执行,而不是在我们的分销行。
  7. 所有的产品质量在发送前都被检查过以确保品质良好。
  8. 出售的商品是不能退还和更换的,这包括由客户提供的错误信息/改变心意/由于处理与使用不当所造成的损害(从收到货后的下一天开始执行)。我们不能保证产品在运输过程的品质与状况,因为这已超出我们的控制范围。
  9. 如果更换产品已缺货,我们将在14天内退还该项目的款项。我们只透过银行直接汇款模式来退还该退款。
  10. 你可以根据以下步骤,要求交换产品:第1步:联络:603-92836884,与我们的客户服务沟通。第2步:传真:+603-92835884,或电邮至 online@alaudio.my内容包括以下信息:
    • 全名:
    • 联络电话:
    • 地址:
    • 问题:损坏的/不正确的产品 :
    • 交货订单编号:或运输编号(快递服务) :
    • 产品接收日期:
    • 有缺陷的产品列表:产品代码/颜色/大小
    • 备注/评论:
  11. 我们收到您的订单后,你会从我们这里收到一封电子邮件以确认我们已验证您的订单。如果您没有收到一封电子邮件,请您再尝试下同一个订单前与我们联系(T:+603-92836884  E:。
  12. 发送产品前,本公司会向您发送电子邮件以确定您的订单产品已被接受并执行。
  13. 订单已被执行无法被取消。
  14. 本公司拥有权利,在任何时候更改我们网站上显示产品信息,价格,描述,产品的存货量与条款及条件, 恕不另行通知。
  15. 本公司只有义务履行产品担保在收到您所有订单的付款后。
  16. 本公司将不会透露关于您的个人资料信息,账户或交易给任何第三方。
  17. 本公司不承担任何第三方网站的内容或服务,包括在第三方网站的链接内容与服务,或任何更改与更新在第三方网站的内容与服务。在本公司网站所提供的所有链接和/或访问第三方网站和/或服务,只是为了方便您更了解产品内容。在本网站的任何链接并不意味着本公司认可第三方网站所提供的内容与服务。
  18. 如果您对我们的接受订单的政策有任何疑问,意见或疑虑,请与我们联系。 T:+603-92836884 ((Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm)  



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