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AQ’s Crimp BFA Bananas Are Lightweight & High-Performance!

Audioquest’s Crimp BFA Banana connectors are an inexpensive, lightweight and excellent sounding way to terminate speaker wire. Able to accept up to 9AWG cable, the Crimp BFA is a thin, heavily plated brass sheet, rolled into a heavy copper collar. When inserted into the binding post, the high tensile strength of the brass presses back against the binding posts creating a large contact area and excellent pressure.

Ideal for lightweight to midweight cables, the Crimp BFA should not be used with heavier cables.

The Crimp BFA is available two ways; with a heavy silver plate or a heavy gold plate. Sonically, the Silver Crimp BFA offers a bit more speed and resolution, the Gold Crimp BFA imparts a bit more warmth and roundness of tone.

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