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The DVI-D cable standard allows a digital video source to transmit a digital video signal to a digital display. Previous video standards (composite, “S,” component, RGB) transmit an analog signal. When the source and display are digital, DVI-D offers the significant advantage of not having to convert a digital signal to analog, and then convert the signal again back to digital.

Even though DVI-D connections offer the possibility of superior performance, DVI-D cables are not all equal. The picture can be compromised by lesser DVI-D cables. As with most free cables, free DVI-D cables should usually be left in the box for emergencies. AudioQuest/CinemaQuest DV-1 uses 2.5% silver conductors (twice the silver of normal silver-plate). Hard Cell Foam is used to minimize loss caused by insulation, and to insure critical geometry stability.

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