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A power cable fit for your finest equipment
A growing number of high-performance audio and video components come with a detachable AC power cord. That makes it easy for you to upgrade to a higher-quality cable. Simply replacing your component’s stock power cord with AudioQuest’s NRG-3 AC power cable can noticeably improve your system’s picture and sound quality. The idea of a high-quality power cord is new to most people, but AudioQuest has been refining their NRG low-distortion cables for years.

Why power cords make a difference
The AC power that feeds your gear is really the foundation of your system’s audio and video performance. Even if you’ve plugged your components into a power conditioner to clean up the current coming out of your wall, a flimsy stock power cord can act as an antenna for airborne interference that subtly degrades high-resolution audio and video signals.

Cross section
Advanced materials and construction for lower distortion
The NRG-3’s advanced “geometry” features an inner circle of three 19-gauge conductors surrounded by an outer circle of ten 21-gauge conductors in a self-shielding counter-spiral configuration. All conductors are solid, made of AudioQuest’s best Perfect-Surface Copper. Solid conductors eliminate interaction between wire strands, which is a major source of distortion in an AC power cable.

Every NRG-3 cable features two barrel-shaped RF stoppers that filter RFI (radio frequency interference) in both directions. They keep outside interference from entering your equipment, while also preventing noise generated by your digital gear from affecting other components in your system.

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