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The all new B-410XS is the new entry level CD-player from Densen. It is the first in a strong line of new CD Players, which all combine CD Playback with a input that allows to use the CD Player as DAC.

Densen has a strong reputation among audiophiles due to the Densens CD players highly engaging musicality.

The task for the Densen development team has been to not only replicate the qualities of the former models, but to make a new generation of CD Players that surpasses the old players in every aspect.

The B-410XS is the successor to the B-410+.

Technical data

Line Outputs 2
Digital Outputs 2
Storage Capacity 40.000uF
D/A converters 2
D/A converters type 24bit
Weight/shippingweight 8/10 Kg
Product dimensions (WxDxH) 440x310x64mm


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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 31 × 44 × 6.4 cm


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