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SUPRA Cat7+ FRHF Network Cable
Digital Data Cable

There are two areas in a data network cable that must be perfectly designed, a) the shielding, and b) the twinning of the two lead pair. The reason is cross-talk, when the signal ”jumps” to the adjacent pair of leads.

SUPRA Cat7+ surpasses the specification category 7A according to EN 50288 and IEC 61156. The cable shows excellent NEXT, low damping, good shielding (every pair separately and finally all together, so called SSTP), low SKEW, bandwidth @1300MHz.

The solid 22AWG copper leads, foamed PE plastic, efficient shielding make extremely long distance installation possible, thanks to the low capacitance.

Typical applications: Installation cable for network. Ideal for all class D up to FA Multimedia applications, i.e. video, data, voice >10 GbE according to IEEE802.3an, VoIP, PoE.

The abbreviation is short for Flame Retardant Halogen Free, meaning that the cable is fire retardant and approved for use and installation in public areas and buildings. The specific characteristics of this classification are:

  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Halogen free
  • Less smoke in case of fire (Lo-smoke)
  • Less hazardous gas emission

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