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Power is nothing without control, and that’s never been better demonstrated than by the Dali Ikon SUB MK2!

Quality cabinet
Anyone can produce a subwoofer with a thumping bass, but getting it to sound musical is much harder. It needs a great deal of attention in its construction, and it’s here where the Dali Ikon SUB MK2 excels. It uses a double layer front baffle that holds the massive bass cone as rigidly as possible. The more rigid, the less movement and consequently, less distortion. In addition the subwoofer is elevated above a separate plinth, which isolates the cabinet from the floor, ensuring a tighter and more consistent bass response – whatever surface it’s placed on.

12″ woofer
Featuring a 12″, paper fibre woofer unit, the Dali Ikon SUB MK2 is capable of moving a great deal of air with high efficiency. Unlike heavy plastic-based cones, paper is extremely light yet rigid, ensuring that the Ikon is both quick to respond, yet also subtle enough to provide a textured bass response.

250W of bass power
With its massive amplifier built-in, the Ikon Vokal 2 MK2 produces an awesome 250W. This low distortion amplifier provides the bass cone with a powerful, well-balanced sound that works well even in the largest of rooms. With such an amp and cone combination, the Ikon SUB MK2 doesn’t just go low but it also sustains bass notes for longer.

Good looking too
On the rear panel are controls for volume, phase and frequency cut-off, plus the option of auto power on/off. For a stylish look, the Ikon SUB MK2 features a profiled front baffle and silver feet, both of which help reduce the visual bulk of the subwoofer, making it stand out from the crowd of bland-looking subwoofers.

With immense power and the musicality to match, the Ikon SUB MK2 will leave you shaken and stirred!

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Dimensions 25.4 × 56.9 × 15 cm


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