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Combining the innovative DALI FAZON SAT speakers with either FAZON SUB 1 or SUB 2 is an excellent and tasteful choice, if you wish to explore the full potential of your favourite music as well as beloved movie soundtracks from a delicate and discreetly designed source. Feel at home and fall out of time to beautiful tunes from the FAZON SAT 2.1-1 or 2.1-2 systems. 

FAZON SAT 2.1-1 consists of two FAZON SAT speakers and one FAZON SUB 1. 

The new DALI FAZON SUB 1 is developed and engineered for a perfect match with the FAZON SAT speakers and includes a 6 1/2″ down-firing, long-stroke woofer with natural bass reproduction and exquisite acoustic coupling to your room. Together, the FAZON sat speakers and FAZON SUB 1 make a very strong team and create a perfect connection between life, home, and full, musical experience. 

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Dimensions 8.7 x 13.8 x 25.5 cm