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The Triton Five is but the latest installment in GoldenEar’s Triton series, and it breaks new ground, filling in another gap in what is now a five-speaker lineup. These include the One  , Two , and Three , which include built-in powered subwoofers in progressively shorter towers. The Seven , introduced in 2013, is a passive design, and the Five, also passive, respresent its big brother, with the intent of driving deeper bass and higher dynamics from a slightly taller cabinet. The Five certainly looks and feels more expensive than its moderate $999 each price point would lead you to expect. As with all the Tritons to date, it’s a lot of speaker for the money.

The Five’s front baffle features a D’Appolito array of two 6-inch woofers flanking GoldenEar’s High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) planar magnetic tweeter. When you view the speaker from the side, it’s easy to see that its medium-density fiberboard cabinet is raked back a few degrees to better aim the three-driver array towards a seated listener. The cabinet’s non-parallel sides, and front and rear baffles, reduce internal standing waves. The Triton Five utilizes GoldenEar’s passive balanced crossover technology, which was initially developed for the Triton One. Sandy Gross told me the crossover uses polypropylene capacitors to enhance resolution capability. A single set of solid metal binding posts provides a secure grip on your speaker cables terminated with banana plugs, spades, or bare wires.

The Triton Five’s HVFR tweeter is identical to the ones used in most GoldenEar speakers, including the flagship Triton One. The only exceptions are the soundbars and in-wall speakers, which are outfitted with similar but smaller HVFRs. The Five also features four 8-inch, side-mounted passive radiators (two on each side), which are located close to the floor to optimize bass coupling. GoldenEar’s drivers are all said to be proprietary designs for which GoldenEar designs the tooling.

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