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PERFECTWAVE AC-10 Power Cable 1.5m


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The second best power cable we make. The PerfectWave AC-10 sets a new standard for high-end aftermarket power cables. 10 gauge, PCOCC single crystal, multiple shields, multiple gauge and shaped conductors, solid machined connectors. Perfect AC power is a critical requirement for high-performance audio/video systems. Delivering that power to your equipment, without loss, is the job of the AC power cable. The low noise, high-speed design of the AC-10 is based on 5 patents and years of listening and engineering. The PerfectWave series brings a new level of refined beauty, power and spacious performance to high-end, high-performance systems. It helps connected equipment enjoy a breathtaking openness, with quick transients combined with a warmth and richness that we have never before experienced.

* 10 gauge
* Superior noise reduction
* Fast transient response
* Low magnetic properties
* Multiple gauge conductors
* Flat and circular conductors
* PCOCC Single Crystal Copper
* Hollow tube conductor
* Rectangular conductor
* Cold and hot welded construction
* Gold over copper prongs
* Connectors machined from a solid billet
* Dual shielding
* Removable ground pin

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