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Small yet perfectly formed, the MicroPods offer a lively and timely sound stage with a full sound that belies their diminutive size. Their unique design is not just skin deep; it actually improves the performance with the curvaceous cabinet, eradicating the internal standing waves that cause the unwanted distortions normally associated with conventional speaker designs.

Manufactured using components finished to the highest quality such as Kevlar bass/midrange drive unit, a soft dome tweeter and an extra durable cabinet finish, the MicroPods set new standards for small designer systems.

Suitable for both two channel and home theatre applications, the MicroPods are a full range speaker and can be used on their own, they can also be easily matched with one of the sub woofers in the Scandyna range for added bass presence. They come supplied with aluminum Sputnik spikes or can be wall-mounted with the optional wallbracket.




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