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The GCA-250 comes packed with advanced technologies to ensure uncompromising performance. It’s one of the finest sounding power amplifiers that PS Audio has ever built. That’s saying a lot, given the company’s 33-year history of designing amazing audiophile components.

Power to spare
This highly potent amp generates the kind of power you need to drive virtually any pair of speakers with ease, delivering an extremely healthy 250 watts per channel at eight ohms. The ‘250 can also double its output into four ohms, putting out a whopping 500 watts per channel to accommodate today’s high-end speakers, which often run closer to four ohms than eight.

Cool, quiet operation
Unlike typical amplifiers that generate lots of heat, the GCA-250’s high-efficiency switching output stages allow it to run surprisingly cool, even under extremely heavy loads. No fans or heatsinks are required on this beauty, so all you get is cool, quiet power.

Advanced technology for state-of-the-art sound
The ‘250’s dual-mono design maximizes stereo separation and reduces any possible interference between channels. Sharing only a common power cord, the two channels operate completely independently of one another, utilizing their own individual power supplies, input stages and power output stages. This gives you rock-solid imaging and a huge soundstage.

The shortest, cleanest signal path
This amplifier employs two of PS Audio’s exclusive Gain Cell™ modules — one per channel. The Gain Cells serve as an input stage, where they help to eliminate potential noise or hum coming from your cables and provide a short, pure signal path for your music. The resulting sound is exemplary — you’ll experience effortless dynamics, transparent mids and highs, and deep powerful bass that’s certain to keep your toes tapping.

  • 250 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (10-20,000 Hz)
  • 500 watts x 2 into 4 ohms (10-20,000 Hz)
  • frequency response: 10-20,000 Hz (+0.1/-0.2dB)
  • input sensitivity: 2.0V
  • input impedance: 47.5k Ohms
  • THD:
    • < 0.02% at 1 watt
    • < 0.08% at 250 watts
  • Gain Cell technology
  • balanced design
  • SDAT Class D switching power amp design
  • fully independent and regulated switching power supplies
  • MOSFET output transistors
  • 12V DC trigger for remote turn-on
  • weight: 27 lbs.
  • 17-3/16″W x 4-5/8″H x 16-1/4″D

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