PS Audio’s Trio C100 Control Amplifier may be small in size, but it delivers a big sonic punch. This cool-running, dual-mono integrated amp produces 100 watts per channel into eight ohms, and can double its output at four ohms to deliver an attention-grabbing 200 watts per channel. That’s enough power to drive most speakers with ease, and it’s ideal for today’s high-end speakers, which often run closer to four ohms than eight.



Features :

Overview: The PS Audio Trio C-100 is a 2-channel control amplifier (integrated amp) with three inputs and a dual mono amp configuration. It also has a line output to feed another amplifier or a powered subwoofer. A wireless remote control is included for volume, power, mute, and direct input selection.

Gain Cell Technology: The C-100 uses Gain Cell Technology instead of potentiometers to control the volume. Traditional volume controls attenuate the signal, which can cause signal distortion and generate excess heat. Gain Cells provide complete control over the gain of the incoming audio signals with little noise or distortion. Since there are no attenuators in the unit, the Trio C-100 provides a short, clean audio path.

Impedance: The Trio C-100 can handle both 8-ohm and 4-ohm speakers with ease, and can drive loads even lower. The power output for 4-ohm speakers is double the output for 8-ohm speakers.

Input Select: You can select your desired input in one of two ways. You can directly select the input using the remote control by pressing the input number (1-3). You can also toggle through the inputs using the front panel button.

Volume Control: The rotary volume control knob lets you control the Gain Cell setting, thereby the loudness of the control amplifier.

Mute Control: The mute button is found on the supplied remote control. Once muted, the volume returns to its original setting if you press the volume up or mute button on the remote.

Speaker Terminals: The Trio C-100 uses high-end gold locking binding post speaker terminals. These binding posts will accept bare wire up to 8 gauge, spade connectors, or single banana plugs. The terminals are spaced too far apart for dual banana plugs to be used.

Line Output: In addition to the speaker terminals, the Trio C-100 offers stereo RCA outputs. The outputs are useful for adding another amp in a bi-amp system or connecting a powered subwoofer.

Warranty Note: Out of the box the warranty is 90 days. If you register your purchase on PS Audio’s web site within 90 days of purchase, the warranty is extended to 3 years.

Specification :

  • Configuration: Dual Mono
  • Class of Operation: D
  • Single-ended Inputs: 3 pair RCA
  • Input Impedance: 50 kΩ
  • Pre-Out: 1 pair RCA
  • Output Power:
    • @8 ohms: 100 watts
    • @4 ohms: 200 watts
  • THD: <0.1%

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