RONDO 4 X 4.0 GREY B50


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Rondo 4×4.0
4×4.0 mm². Tin plated
High quality speaker cable with four tin plated, multi-strand, conductors, and high pitch twisted for noise cancellation. Made from 5N OF copper.
Typical applications: High powered, also longer lengths and/or in bi-wired or bi-amplified Hi-Fi system or on-stage.

Rondo Series
SUPRA Rondo is a series of versatile, highly flexible round speaker cables, with short pitch wound conductors. The all-round properties make this cable suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the short pitch of the conductors, the cable inductance is kept low hence reducing magnetic fields and providing fast musical response. The production method allowed us to twin with short pitch and still keep it resistant to handling fatigue, making it especially useful on-stage. The strands are tin plated for corrosion resistance and benign musical behavior. It is especially suitable for bi-wired and bi-amplified speakers, thanks to the four leads in square.

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