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• Wattgate standard IEC plug.

• Additional upgrade Oyaide Plug

TARA Labs Proprietary Conductor information

Super Annealed Oxygen Free Eight Nines Copper (SA-OF8N) is the new standard in high performance copper purity. Variances in copper purity will result in audible differences. It is generally accepted that a purer, more conductive material can be more accurate and revealing than a material that is less conductive.

TARA Labs proprietary annealing process, known as Super Annealing (SA) along with Oxygen Free Eight Nines Copper that is frequency tuned in a cold environment (99.999999%) creates a unique, long, unbroken crystal structure called “Mono-crystal™” which has exquisitely smooth and detailed transfer of frequencies over a very wide bandwidth.

Additionally, this new Mono-crystal™ eliminates the high-frequency distortion caused by the junctions or breaks between crystals in typical copper conductors. Acting like diodes, those junctions between crystals in normal copper would alter the flow of high-frequency AC, causing audible distortion.

In addition, Tara Lab’s patented RSC (rectangular solid core) conductors have become the definitive technology in high-end audio cables. The rectangular shape offers a unique advantage over round conductors. They have the necessary mass for solid bass, yet are thin enough for a coherent reproduction of mid-range and high frequencies.

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