Warranty Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The 5 years warranty is only valid to speakers excluding AC & electronic components.
  2. For other products, 1 year warranty will be implied.
  3. Upon purchase, please register your product online @ http//:www.alaudio.com.my within 14 days to entitle for 5 years warranty.

Proof of Purchase

  1. This product has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and is warranted to the original purchaser only.
  2. This warranty is not transferable.
  3. Purchase receipts should be kept as proof of purchase.
  4. Purchase receipts will be needed for making claims on warranty on products.
  5. In event that no receipts or record has been founded for purchase, the warranty shall be deemed invalid.

Service or Replacement During Warranty Period

  1. In event that the product is Dead on Arrival (DoA), please return the product within 14 days to the retailer or place of purchase for 1 to 1 replacement. Failing to do so shall results in the warranty to be treated under normal warranty conditions.
  2. The product should be sent back to the retailer, place of purchase or distributor’s service centre for warranty. The location of service centre can be referred from http://www.alaudio.my/index/our-branches.html
  3. When the product is sent for warranty, please include an explanation of problem that occur on the product;
  4. Please make sure all the products are properly packaged to avoid any unnecessary damage during the transit.
  5. While in transit, the goods shall be at the owner’s risk.
  6. The owner shall responsible for the cost of transportation to and from A & L Audio Station unless otherwise stated.

Exclusions and Limitation of Warranty

  1. This warranty does not cover accessories or any other consumable items.
  2. The warranty shall be deemed invalid if the factory-applied serial number or warranty sticker has been altered or removed.
  3. This warranty does not include defects caused by misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, accidents, lack of care, tampering or attempts to repair by any unauthorized 3rd party.
  4. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear of the products or parts.
  5. In the event that no identical product is available for service repair, A & L Audio Station reserved the right to replace the product with a device of equal capacity, or offer the customer the choice of a product upgrade which may incur extra cost.
  6. The warranty will not apply if damage, malfunction or failure resulting from alterations, accident, misuse, fire, abuse, liquid spillage, mis-adjustment of customer controls, use on an incorrect voltage, power surges and dips, thunderstorm activity, acts of God, voltage supply problems, tampering or unauthorized repairs by any 3rd party, use of defective or incompatible accessories, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or entry by any insect, vermin or foreign object in the product.
  7. A & L Audio Station will not be liable for any loss, damage or alterations to (1) third party hardware or software; or (2) programs, data or information stored on any media or any part of the product, no matter how occurring; or for any loss or damage arising from loss of use, loss of profits or revenue, or for any resulting indirect or consequential loss or damage.
  8. A & L Audio Station excludes all other warranties, conditions, terms, representations and undertakings whether expressed or implied.