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Focus Audio’s design team applies cutting edge scientific methods such as computer aided measurement techniques as well as rigorous listening evaluation sessions and exceptional speaker manufacturing process to design loudspeakers that surpass performance standards set by even the most demanding speaker designers and audiophiles.
Focus Audio continuously strives to improve its design through unique evaluation and assurance process specially formulated by the Focus Audio design team. The result often exceeds our own expectations in almost every area of sonic performance.·          Foot tapping musicality·          See through transparency·          Startling dynamics·          Blinding transient speed and recovery·          Exceptional tonal balance·          Exacting timbral accuracy·          Focused image·          Three dimensional soundstageThese important sonic attributes are achieved without having to spend thousands of dollars on powerful amplification systems just to drive them. Focus Audio speakers are specifically engineered with a smooth, easy to drive impedance characteristic suitable for use with a wide variety of amplifiers.
Focus Audio products are engineered to bring both high value and affordability to the music lover.


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