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FFT is a ground breaking new technology which will revolutionise the audio industry. The FFT Module is a detachable / additional module and is available on all cables from the Helios upwards, (currently only Helios and Eros, but will be expanded to the full range later this year) which can be purchased either with our mains cables range or as an additional accessory/upgrade. 

The FFT module houses very sophisticated electronics, which creates an invisible shield around the mains cable which eradicates the effects of airborne RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) & EMI (Electro Magentic Interference) which can be created by domestic electronics throughout any home. This could include microwaves, WiFi routers, Bluetooth to name but a few…

The FFT module can be installed / removed at any time so is ideal for dealers or distributors as an “add on” as it is an easy demonstration to show the advantages that can be heard when it is attached. It is very simple to attach so can be done by customers, and is supplied with full instructions on how to do this.

FFT is patent pending and we feel is a true game changer in the industry. Never before has mains cables been able to completely eradicate the effects of airborne interference. Our R&D Department felt it was necessary to develop a technology to battle these negative effects, as RFI & EMI will only continue to become more and more of a problem with the use of more wireless technologies.



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