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The special design of the output transformer then enables the correct reconstruction of the amplified signal at the output terminals. The advantage of the push-pull system lies in its ability to produce greater output power than is obtainable from a single-ended design using the same type of valve.This advantage is determined by the greater efficiency of the push-pull system, and means lower heat dissipation for any given output power. The disadvantage of push-pull stages is that, relying on the amplification of two separate half-wave signals by two separate amplifying devices, they must be particularly well engineered in order not to encounter significant distortion


Power output: 40 watts per channel
Frequency response: 20Hz to 30kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%
Input sensitivity: 500mV (line)
Signal to noise ratio: 83dB (line)
Valve complement: 4 x EL34, 2 x ECC82, 1 x ECC83
Dimensions: 420 x 400 x 205mm
Weight: 25kg